Bulpan LTD was established in 2003 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company supply and install machines and automated lines for bakery, pastry, snacks and pasta industry and special lines for gluten free or healthy products like vegan or protein bars and technologies for them as well. Bulpan LTD develop projects in accordance with customer needs and according to EU requirements.

The main activities of the company are:

  • Silo systems for different powdered raw materials such as flour, sugar, starch, semolina etc.;
  • Systems for liquid storage and dosing of yeast, eggs, sugar, salt, whey, oil, liquid dough etc.;
  • Innovative technical and technological solutions for leavens, sourdough, pre-dough;
  • Craft and supermarket in store bakeries;
  • Small and medium size artisan bakeries;
  • Large industrial automatic lines for plant bakeries;

Special industrial lines for:

  • Hamburgers;
  • Sandwich bread;
  • Rye bread;
  • Danish pastry;
  • Croissants and puff pastry;
  • Arabic pita and lavash bread;
  • French baguette and ciabatta;
  • Doughnuts;
  • Muffins and layer cakes;
  • Cookies and biscuits;
  • Kaiser buns;
  • Rusk and bruschetta;
  • Frozen dough;
  • Complete frozen buns, rolls and pastries.

Single machines:

  • Mixers;
  • Dividers;
  • Rounders;
  • Intermediate proofers;
  • Long moulders;
  • V-belt charger;
  • Final proofers in all executions;
  • Shock freezers;
  • Rack ovens;
  • Deck and tunnel ovens;
  • Spiral coolers;
  • Pastry depositors;
  • Machines for biscuits;
  • Machines for crackers;

The company is able to deliver all other machines, equipment, lines and systems in the field of bakery and pastry industry according to specific customer requirements.

Bulpan LTD has successfully completed more than 100 industrial projects in different countries: Bulgaria; Russia; Macedonia; Ukraine; Kazakhstan; Turkey; Romania and Italy.

4023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Trakia res. area,
Sveti Knyaz Boris I-Pokrastitel str., bl. 13 A
GPS: 42.1399283, 24.7931609

Phone: 00359 32 699 625
Phone/fax: 00359 32 678 177
M. phone: 00359 888 902490
M. phone: 00359 897 901014
M. phone: 00359 897 554286 /WhatsApp & Viber/
e-mail: jordan@bulpan-bg.com